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Greeting Card Album

Organize and protect your precious notes

If you are one to cherish the moments you have experienced during the holidays and various special occasions throughout the years, then you probably have an assortment of greeting cards stored in a box, container, or drawer, if not laying somewhere in your home.  Whether they are expressions of gratitude, birthday wishes, sympathy, praise, hope, and love, these note cards mean something special to you and you won’t part from them.  Having collected numerous beautiful greeting cards ourselves from friends and family members over the years, we can surely relate to this!  


One day, while sorting through our belongings, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and viewed all the greeting cards we accumulated individually and as a couple over time.  As we read our note cards, we felt as if we were looking through photos as the cards painted many images with words while we delved into nostalgia and reminisced about the events associated with the cards.  We then thought to ourselves, what if we could store, protect, and view the cards just as we do with actual photos?  As with photos, greeting cards can capture a moment or express something that we may hold onto for many years if not for the rest of our lives.  Moreover, one may want to revisit these experiences from time to time.


As a result, we sought to find a product that could help us organize, protect, and access our greeting cards in the way that we would with an album for photos.  After spending many months trying to find such a product, we eventually gave up as we couldn’t find anything that could do this to our liking.  This is why we decided to create our Rosemary Notes product – a customized album that will allow you to preserve and view your greeting cards like a photo album.  You’ll be able to purchase this special album for yourself or your family to preserve the moments you were given or purchase it as a gift for others for the memories you want to give!


Indeed, we are excited about this product as we hope you are too.  As we have progressed throughout the development process of this product, we realized that this product may not only benefit greeting card collectors and enthusiasts, but card creators and retailers as well.  Imagine being able to showcase your talent and product line through our album within and beyond your business facility!

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