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Rosemary Notes® Update



We wanted to take this time to inform our cherished customers and supporters that we will be temporarily halting the sale of our Rosemary Notes® greeting card album after our current batch sells out completely.


The primary reason for this halt is due to production issues, and we will as a result, need to find a different manufacturer who can continue to produce our Rosemary Notes® product line with the reliability, consistency, and quality standards that we hold as a company. At the same time, we want to take this time to improve the product and offer our customers something better once production for Rosemary Notes® can continue. Here are a few things we are considering as they pertain to changes or improvements to the Rosemary Notes® product line:


  1. Offer the binder and plastic pages to be purchased separately. This would give customers the option to choose the plastic page sizes they desire from the get-go, in addition to either only purchasing the plastic pages or the binder itself without the pages. * We intend to offer the plastic pages for separate purchase regardless, even if we continue to offer the binder filled with the plastic page inserts. In doing so, we plan to offer the pages in at least three different sizes: Pages fitted to accommodate 6x9, 5x7, and 4x6 cards.

  2. Remove large RN logo from the front of the binder (and keep the smaller Rosemary Notes logo on the back of the binder).

  3. Offer additional binder colors (e.g., pink, brown, and purple).

  4. Increase the overall quality of the plastic pages; we'd like to ideally increase the thickness, clarity, and flatness of the pages to give them a more crisp and refined look.

  5. We first launched Rosemary Notes® on Amazon FBA, but we are considering going the seller-fulfilled route because this would give us more control on and direct involvement in the packaging/handling/shipping, product inspections, and customer service aspects of this product.


We hope this sounds exciting to you all, and we want you all to know that we are always willing to consider any feedback you may have for us and our Rosemary Notes® product.

Please remember, this is intended to be a temporary halt as it is very much our desire and priority to keep the lifeline of Rosemary Notes® going for as long as possible.


Meanwhile, we are hard at work on our next project which will introduce us to the world of cosmetics. Over the coming months, we hope to provide more details as we progress with the development of our exciting new project. This will be our most ambitious effort yet.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your attention, patience, and support.




Sage Rebels (Founders of Rosemary Notes®)

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